Canine Couture Staff

Gina- Owner

 One of the true passions of my life has always been the care and love of animals. I drove my parents crazy always wanting to bring home a stray. When the opportunity came along for me to purchase a dog grooming salon, it felt like a perfect match for me! Canine Couture opened its doors in Sept 2008 . 

My number one goal is to make sure your pet is treated like I would treat my own. We understand that a trip to the groomer can be stressful for some pets, and we make every effort to make them feel safe, secure and loved. I have laughed and cried with my clients and my heart goes out to each and every one that has lost a pet. That is the hardest part here at Canine Couture. My favorite part is watching a client’s face when they pick up their pets and see the excitement between them.

I have found the perfect staff for Canine Couture! Thanks to them for making my job as an owner so easy! This is the first time I can say........I love my job!! Thanks to my family here at Canine Couture for everything! 


Victoria - Receptionist Groomer/Bather

 I have worked with animals for the last eight years.  I have been around animals my whole life.  My Aunt and Uncle own a horse farm and that is where all of it started!  I started out as a bather 6 1/2 years ago and have been grooming 4 years.  I have two dogs named Zelda & Zeus who are my world!  I was born in Charlotte, NC and moved to Ga in 2004.   I like to hike, white water raft and go canoeing.  

In addition to bathing and grooming, Victoria can run the reception area and close out the day.

Teagan - Groomer Receptionist/Bather


Teagan began grooming in 2010 after she got a "summer" job and realized she loved working with animals.  She rescued a Dachshund in her last year at UGA and that changed her whold life.  She is married and has been told she has a "Dachshund Obsession",she calls it a Hobby!   

In addition to grooming at Canine Couture she also bathes and runs the reception area.

Dede - Bather


Dede has been working in the veterinary field for 10 years.  Animals are her life and passion. Both of her daughters graduated from Georgia Southern University.  Her youngest daughter is a Recreational Therapist in Savannah. Her other daughter is a Middle School Science teacher in Gwinnett County who just completed her Masters degree. She enjoys cooking, cleaning and spending time with the ones who mean the most and of course working with these sweet fur babies!  

Courtney- Groomer Receptionist/Bather

Courtney started out as a bather in August 2007. With an overwhelming desire and 2.5 years of intense apprenticeship, she is now an outstanding groomer. Courtney has a very sensitive spirit, and it really shows when she is grooming. She is one of those people that have a "knack" for grooming! She has come a long way, and her scissoring skills are excellent! She continues to add to her request list! Courtney does it all! She bathes, grooms, covers the front and fixes just about anything that needs fixing! She has a heart of gold especially when it comes to animals. She would save all the unwanted and give a home to all of the homeless pets if she could. 

Sarah- Groomer

Sarah was born to groom — almost literally. She started grooming at a very young age.  She is accomplished in all breeds and is a huge asset to Canine Couture. She enjoys grooming Shih Tzu's & Golden Retrievers. She has great scissoring skills. 

Laura- Groomer

Laura has been with Canine Couture for 6 years. She is an excellent groomer with 45 years experience and excellent grooming skills on all breeds. She can also groom cats. Her scissoring skills are excellent. She has been an incredible addition to our team. Laura has  worked at a pet store and as a vet assistant. 

"Animals are my passion, and have been since I started working in a veterinarian's office right out of high school. I hope to always be involved with the care and welfare of animals in one way or another."

Leandro- Groomer

Leandro began grooming in 2003 and has been with Canine Couture Grooming since 2015.   He has 4 children, 2 dogs and 19 fish.  He loves sports and coaching his children's ball teams.   "HardWork "is his nickname and he loves being a part of Canine Couture.