Let us groom your family friend

Since 2008, Canine Couture Grooming has provided high-quality dog grooming and dog washing services in the Suwanee, Cumming, Alpharetta, John Creek, and Duluth areas. We deliver professional dog grooming services that maintain a dog’s proper hygiene. Grooming sessions with our professionals ensure that a dog’s coat remains healthy and vibrant. Regular brushing, trimming, and cleaning prevents matting, a common issue that can lead to discomfort, skin irritation, and even infections if left unchecked.

Each grooming session includes thorough cleaning, including ear cleaning, nail trimming, and dental hygiene when applicable. This comprehensive approach not only leaves dogs looking and feeling fresh but also contributes to their overall health, potentially preventing issues that might arise from neglecting these essential aspects of care. Your pet will have the best experience with a large dose of tender loving care from our staff. We are sure you will be happy with our services. Call us at: (678) 947-6556. Book an appointment by completing the inquiry form below. We look forward to grooming your dog.