Brushing Your Dog's Teeth in the Winter

Winter’s icy grip may have descended, but that doesn’t mean your dog’s dental hygiene should freeze over! Regular brushing is essential year-round, and the colder months present unique challenges. Here at Canine Couture Grooming, we’re all about sparkling your pup’s smile, so here are our tips for brushing your dog’s teeth in the winter.

Winter Teeth Brushing Tips 

Brushing Basics:

  • Warm up those whiskers: Before diving into the dental drama, give your dog a quick indoor playtime session to get the blood flowing and make them more receptive.
  • Cozy Comfort Zone: Choose a warm, draft-free area for brushing. Maybe snuggle up on the couch with a blanket or head to a sunny spot in the kitchen.
  • Tempered Tools: Don’t shock those sensitive teeth with chilly toothpaste! Let the brush and paste sit out to reach room temperature.

Flavor Frenzy:

  • Winter Wonderland Flavors: Opt for poultry or meat-flavored toothpaste to entice your pup during the colder months. Think turkey, chicken, or even bacon!
  • Frozen Fun: Try freezing a lick mat with a thin layer of dog-friendly yogurt and toothpaste for a chilly, teeth-cleaning treat.
  • The Licky Lure: Skip the toothbrush for now. Instead, smear some paste on your finger and let your dog lick it off to help them get accustomed to the flavor.

Brushing Bravery:

  • Short and Sweet: Aim for shorter, more frequent brushing sessions in the winter instead of one long marathon. A short brushing time keeps things comfortable for your pup.
  • Focus on the Frontline: Start with the easier-to-reach front teeth and gradually work your way back. Remember, even a few brushed teeth are better than none!
  • Praise the Progress: After each successful brushing session, reward your dog with a cuddle or a treat. Positive reinforcement goes a long way!

Bonus Winter Woofers:

  • Chew-tastic Companions: Offer your dog dental chews approved by your vet. They’re a great way to keep teeth clean while providing entertainment indoors.
  • Hydration Heroes: Ensure your dog drinks plenty of water to keep their mouth healthy. Winter air can be surprisingly drying.
  • Vet Visits Vital: Don’t forget regular vet checkups for your dog’s teeth. They can assess your brushing technique and address any potential issues.


Following these tips for brushing your dog’s teeth, you can keep your dog’s pearly whites sparkling all season long. Consistent care is critical. Your pup’s smile will sparkle with extra TLC.

If you need extra help keeping your dog’s teeth squeaky clean, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with our expert groomers at Canine Couture Grooming.! We offer professional teeth-cleaning services to ensure your furry friend’s oral hygiene is top-notch. Please schedule an appointment today and let us pamper your precious pup! Call us at (678) 947-6556 or message us online to learn more. 

Happy winter wags from your friends at Canine Couture Grooming.